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Hello, my name is Lis Lesuja. Since getting my first Kodak camera at seven years old, I have grown a love for photography. In England, I took an analogue photography GCSE. Currently, I have been doing jewellery and lifestyle photography for Lesuja Fine Jewellery for more than fifteen years. However, I also do documentary and travel photography. I was also a member of the Swiss photo club.

Inspired by a host of heavy-weight historical artists, from Picasso to Klimt via Matisse and Newton, Lisa Lesunja also takes influence from a great range of contemporary artists and has a unique way of seeing beauty. Her gallerist father introduced her to all kinds of art and these seeds are evident in Lesunja’s broad output. The paintings have abstraction as a starting point; broad brushstrokes, texture and colour are allowed to bleed in to one another. However there are often key symbols that link we work to very human beginnings; shoes marooned in the middle of a sea of paint, sculptural forms amongst the fields of colour. The images are beautiful and intriguing. Lesunja is capturing a different side of beauty, an alternative life. Her ambitions are serious and hopeful; she aims to close the gap in people’s hearts where they might find emptiness. The paintings are reaching out for their audience. They have a bohemian spirit running through them, as does all of Lesunja’s work.

This philosophy finds its way in to Lesunja’s photography work, too. Here her images give another side to beauty and life; different people, different characters, are captured for their unique beauty. The images become about love and connection. The work is often shot on analog cameras and distinct to digital photography work. They speak of diversity, acceptance and humanity. All together, Lisa Lesunjas work carries a message fo oneness; it is there to heal, to reach out, to express something very human. This is Avantgardist art work, shot through with the spirit of Bohemia; We’re all beautiful, we all need love.

Now exhibiting nationally and internationally, seek out the work of Lisa Lesunja, today.

My work has been shown at:


Exhibitions gallery in Ulm Augenclick,


Gallery Rosenhofraum Wädenswil


Gallery Katapult Basel


Photobastei Zürich


Very easy to use. I couldn't have asked for more than this. Photgraphy is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased.


Lisa did an amazing job with our pictures! Very high-quality photography and exactly what we wanted. I highly recommend them, and I definitely feel very comfortable giving the task of taking pictures of our products because I know they will put care and thought into the project. We were very happy that we decided to go with them


A great team to work with! They were enthusiastic, sharp, and fast. They had excellent energy on set, and everyone enjoyed their presence.

Lesunja Photography

Lesunja Photography

Photography is one of the best ways to capture a moment in time and share it with the world. Whether you are a business owner looking to update your brand photography or someone wishing to capture a special occasion with your family, I’m here to support you with that task.



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